Archipelago is a documentation system for islands, operates from University of the Aegean and aims at the production, accumulation, archiving and management of items concerning islands and island areas. It includes research documents (such as articles, books, educational material,  videos, etc.) and spatial data (such as Shapefiles, Raster files etc), which are described in detail through metadata. Users of the application are able to navigate to the data and perform simple and advanced search. In this way, they can discover, view and download content related to islands. It supports Open Access, is consistent with the international metadata standards (Dublin Core, Inspire) and the development was based on DSpace software. Archipelago consists of:

  1. Research Material Catalog for discovering journal articles, book references, conference papers, dissertations, multimedia etc and
  2. Spatial Data Catalog for discovering spatial datasets like Shapefiles and Raster files.

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