"Sustainable Development of Island Territories and Identities"

Lesvos Island, Greece, 22-25 October 2012

Call for participants (Professors/Researchers and Students)

The objective of the Summer School on "Sustainable Development of Island Territories and Identities" will be to analyze the natural, economic, cultural and social characteristics of islands, which form their identity, and discuss how these characteristics can be the basis for their sustainable development.
The rationale of the course is based on the premise that the particular characteristics of the islands, described as insularity (small size, isolation and remoteness, rich but fragile natural and cultural environment) make comparisons with most mainland areas in terms of attractiveness for residence and economic activities problematic for the islands in the context of current development models based on easy accessibility and low cost production.
At the same time, islands are endowed with unique natural and cultural features which can, under certain conditions, be used both as drivers of growth and for the improvement of the attractiveness in a globalized socio-economic and cultural system.